Become an ENCORE Model for Carroll Studios

ENCORE Models are Class of 2019 students who have selected Carroll Studios for their Senior Portraits and wish to tell their classmates about the outstanding experience.

They do this by showing all the exciting portrait styles and backgrounds that are available to them when their friends also select our studio for their senior pictures.

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Encore Models

Welcome to the ENCORE Model Program

The Carroll Studios Encore Model Program, is designed after our Original Ambassador CREW Program which has been in existence for over 35 years. It offers High School Seniors, who are photographed by our Studio, many of the benefits and much of the fun enjoyed by our CREW Models during their final year in school.

Who is Eligible

All Class of 2019 students, photographed by Carroll Studios between June 1st and December 31st, who are very active on social media, like interacting with other students, both in person and on-line, make great ENCORE Models. A smart phone or tablet is necessary to participate.

Any Class of 2019 student that meets the above requirements and books their Senior Photo-shoot, can become a Carroll Studios ENCORE Model. The ENCORE program relies on networking with other Class of 2019 students, so the more of your classmates you know the easier it is to succeed. We want this to be successful for everyone involved.

What do I have to do as an ENCORE Model

Step 1 - Book your Senior Photo-shoot for any time this year after June 1st. The earlier you are photographed, the better your chances are of reaching other students before they have their senior pictures made.

Step 2 - Place your order for your senior pictures... Each ENCORE Model receives a Model Mobile APP, which includes all of the images you purchased in your package, once your order is paid - for FREE.

Step 3 - Start showing your Senior Pictures to your Friends... You simply show your images to any Class of 2019 Seniors, talk about all the fun you had during your photo-shoot and collect their signatures on your APP.

You will receive one Carroll ENCORE Credit (value $1.00) for each signature you get from any Class of 2019 Senior, which can be exchanged for really great premiums/products or applied toward your package order. You will also receive a 25 credit bonus, for each Class of 2019 student that books their photo-shoot from your referral, before December 31st.

Sounds Great! Let's get started

Call (414) 445-2220 to book your senior photo-shoot or Book your Senior Photo-shoot on-line. Don't Wait. The earlier you are photographed, the better your chances are of success.