Welcome to Elijah Miller's Gallery

Hi everyone. I am a senior at Shorewood High School and I hope you enjoy viewing some of my Senior Portraits.

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  • Elijah Miller Shorewood high school senior
  • Elijah in studio during his senior photo-shoot
  • Alley Amber in a hoodie
  • Senior guy doing casual posing
  • Elijah taking a selfie
  • High school senior guy in red Cap & Gown
  • Elijah in a grungy warehouse
  • High school student photographer

"I had a woderful time doing all sorts of different poses with awesome backgrounds and props! Thank you, thank you, thank you." ~ Elijah

Wauwatosa Studio
6654 W Lisbon Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53210

Please Call - (414) 207-4028 (to schedule New Photo-Shoots)

Continue to call - (414) 445-2220 (For work in progress & re-orders of existing work)