A word about Senior Portrait Pricing ~ and how it works...

All Studios have two costs associated with your Senior Portraits... The Photo-shoot Fee (also called a "session charge" or "sitting fee") and the charge for The Package of pictures and other products you wish to purchase from your Senior Photo-shoot.

It is important to understand exactly what each charge covers and what you should expect from your investment.

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Wauwatosa Studio
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Milwaukee, WI 53210

Please Call - (414) 207-4028 (to schedule New Photo-Shoots)

Continue to call - (414) 445-2220 (For work in progress & re-orders of existing work)

The Photo-shoot Fee

This is a separate fee, charged by all studios, to cover your photographer's time and talent, the time needed to prepare your images for presentation and the time for your View and Purchase presentation. It does not apply toward your portrait package.

Many studios charge by the number of backgrounds or outfits or locations or even the number of times the photographer clicks the shutter on the camera. We feel this limits creativity and charges you for the inability of the photographer to get it right the frist time.

At Carroll Studios, your Photo-shoot fee is based soley on the amount of time you wish to have us work with you. You may have as many outfits and backgrounds as you can fit into your time.

Photo-shoots start as low as $50. Check them out HERE.

The investment you make in your Photo-shoot will determine just how great your one-of-a-kind Senior Experience will be. Be sure to take advantage of our Current Specials for additional savings on your Photo-shoot..

The Package Charge

This cost, which is separate from the Photo-shoot Fee, is for the pictures and products you wish to order for family and friends. We offer a huge variety of awesome portrait products, everything from wall and gift prints to albums, books, DVD's and many other Boutique items to fit your each and every need.

While it would be impossible to show all the different items available on a single web page, you may pick-up our full 20 page Senior Experience Catalog at your planning meeting or by stopping by the studio.

Here are a few price ranges of what you can expect to pay for your senior portraits...

Gift Portraits 8x10 and smaller... range in price from $65 to $125 each
Wallet Portraits in sets of 8 (single pose)... range from $30 to $45
Wallet Portraits in sets of 50... range in price from $78 to $85

You may "Create Your Own Package" for the greatest savings or select one of our 25 pre-designed bundles for greater ease. Ala-Carte pricing is also available if packaging is not your style .

Here is what you do not have to pay for...

Facial Retouching - Every Carroll portrait from wallets to wall portraits includes facial retouching. You do not have to pay extra to look great.
Portrait Finishes - Our finest protective glazes are included on every Carroll Portrait at no charge. You don't want your pictures to fade away.

Just a few examples of the over 25 different packages we offer

1 - 5x7 Color Print
4 - 4x6 Color Prints
16 - wallets


3 - 5x7 Color Prints
3 - 4x6 Color Prints
24 - wallets


2 - 7x10 Color Prints
5 - 4x6 Color Prints
32 - wallets


4 - 5x7 Color Prints
4 - 4x6 Color Prints
48 - wallets


4 - 7x10 Color Prints
5 - 5x7 Color Prints
56 - wallets


1 - 9x14 Color Print
10 - 5x7 Color Prints
64 - wallets


Our Lowest Price Guarantee ~ While we feel our prices are very, very competitive with all the studios in the area, we will not knowingly be underpriced by any other photographer!! If you find a studio that offers the same package as we do for less money, we will meet or beat their price. Click Here to see how Our Lowest Price Guarantee works.