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Step 3 - Fill-out & submit your Photo-shoot Planner.

Step 4 - Get our Free Girls Style Guide or our Free Guys Style Guide to help plan your photo-shoot.

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Download our Photo-shoot Styles Planner and fill it out with the styles/looks (from below) you want for your photo-shoot.

Carroll High School Senior Photo-shoots

Click on each Style below to see more examples of what is in store for you. Each style takes about 15 minutes of time in your photo-shoot. Choose as many as you want and mark them on your Photo-shoot Planner.

High School Senior Head Shots

Head Shots

It's what you will need for most school yearbook's, but it doesn't have to look like your parent's senior picture. We have updated the look for today's magazine cover look.

High School Senior Casual


It's the look of today and you can be yourself showing your style in tee's, designer Jeans, crop tops - dress your way so your friends will remember you as you are for years to come.

High School Senior Outdoor Studio


Lush real foliage in our private garden areas, or in our urban grunge settings on our Front lot and our Back lot areas, will make the perfect settings for your senior portrait in the natural outdoors.

High School Senior Trends


Today's trendy club scene sets the fashion look for the in-crowd with the hottest backgrounds to match. Dress for the "Look" now for both the gals and guys.

Fashion Model

Fashion Model

New York, L.A., Miami, the hot spots of the modeling industry. Experience what it's like to be America's Next Top Model. Be photographed for a real composite model shoot.



Ripped pants or even grunge-ware direct from Goodwill in our all new Grunge sets and backgroundsIt's the look that mom will probably hate - but, hey, it's your senior portrait.


Formal ~ GQ

Girls show-off your dressy side in your Prom dress or favorite evening gown. Guys get your style on and show the look. Trend setting images of the contemporary man.

Black & White

Black & White

It's a bit retro, but Black & White images are the new look for senior portraits. Dark colors and leathers or high contrast outfits work best, but any solid color will look fine.



Smooth skin, soft lighting, long flowing hair creates the look of a magazine cover girl. It's our 1940's Hollywood glamour style for girls who want to look as glamorous as they feel.

High School Senior Cap & Gown Photo-shoot

Cap & Gown

Go old school and keep it traditional or update with our duo-takes or the fun graduation cap flip. We have a selection of Cap & Gowns available for most area school colors.



The special relationships that you developed all through your school years will be captured forever by including your best friends forever in a fun lasting image.

School Spirit

School Spirit

You're proud of your school so feature your poms, cheerleading outfit, posters, plaques or any and all the memories about your special time at your high school..



Be part of the totally new and unique look featured in hollywood with Intensity Backgrounds & Images that are digitally enhanced for a dramatic 3D movie effect.

Wet & wild

Wet & Wild

Create the hottest look - the wildest attitude - the images you see on magazines and videos. A favorite of our swim team members and anyone that likes to get Wet!!

Sprts & Activities


Whether you're a star at football, basketball, baseball, soccer or whatever - show off the action and memorabilia of your sports involvement and achievements.



Your Best Friend is not always your classmate. Portraits can include your pet, whether its a dog, cat or horse. Think of all the possibilities. The perfect keepsake while your away at college.



Show off your wheels in style - Autos, Cycles, Bikes, Skateboards or whatever you have. It's an important part of your life and something you will want to remember as time goes by.



When true love hits you'll want it to last forever. Now you can with our romantic couples portraits, made in studio or outdoors can be part of your very special photo shoot.

Enhance Your Photo-shoot with any of the following Speciality Add-on Styles - Each styles adds 60 minutes to your Photo-shoot

Road Trip

Road Trips

RR Tracks, the river, urban architecture or your own backyard - you pick the places and the look - for a truly one-of-a-kind photo-shoot that is created on the streets, parkways and in the alleyways of the city.

High School Senior Imagine Style Photo-shoot


What's your dream? What can you imagine? Whatever it is - we can create it and make you part of it. Give us your best idea and watch our magic begin available only at Carroll Studios of Photography.

High School Senior My Passion Style Photo-shoot

My Passion

When you are passionate about something in your life it almost becomes an obsession. Now feature your passion in a uniquely created one-of-a-kind series of poses that will be composited together. Live it - Show it - Share it.