Formal~GQ Style

Girls show your formal and elegant side in your Prom dress or favorite evening gown. Formal posing, elegant props and classic backgrounds add to this style suited for royality.

Guys it's time to get your style on and show the look. Trend setting images of the contemporary man are reflected in this Gentlemen's Quarterly Style.

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Wauwatosa Studio
6654 W Lisbon Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53210

Please Call - (414) 207-4028 (to schedule New Photo-Shoots)

Continue to call - (414) 445-2220 (For work in progress & re-orders of existing work)

Clothing Suggestions... Girls - Solid colors bring the attention to your face and create an elegant presentation. Prom Dresses, Formal Gowns, Cocktail Dresses all fit this style perfectly. Remember to bring your finest accessories and, of course, co-ordinating shoes for full length poses.

Clothing Suggestions... Guys - A tuxedo, a suit, sport coat or any dressy outfit works well for this style. Stick to solid colors and coordinate your neckwear to match. Remember to bring dress shoes for full length poses, Accessories such as hats, walking sticks, capes and top coats add an elegant flair.

High school girl in yellow formal prom dress Milwaukee Luthern high school senior girl in formal dress High School senior girl in formal middle eastern blue dress Black girl in formal dress on reflective floor Girl in red formal dress behind column High School girl in short blue formal cocktail dress Girl in formal gown with fancy top Girl in green strapless formal High School senior in formal suit Black high school student in formal tux High school senior in suit and white hat High school senior in GQ suit Boy in GQ sport coat Student in black formal tux with red bowtie Nathan Hale studient in GQ Executive pose Black male student in GQ pose with piano