Road Trip Style

The railroad tracks, the river, urban architecture or your own backyard - you pick the places and the look - for a truly one-of-a-kind photo-shoot that is created on the streets of the city.

Select any Road Trip - Tosa Tour, 3rd Ward Tour, Parkway Tour, Beach Tour, School Tour, Home Tour, Gardens Tour - or create your own Tour at a location that means something special to you.

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Wauwatosa Studio
6654 W Lisbon Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53210

Please Call - (414) 207-4028 (to schedule New Photo-Shoots)

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The Tosa Tour is a one-hour road trip and includes the restored Wauwatosa Village area, the Rail Road Tracks and the little Red School House.

High School girl kneeling on railroad tracks on road trip High school student in historic Wauwatosa Village balcony Senior student in shorts in Tosa Railroad Yard on road trip High school girl sitting on steps of little Red School House High school senior girl in mini skirt on road trip Girl on Tosa tour leaning on restored building Girl in cowboy boots standing on railroad tracks High school senior boy leaning on historic building on Tosa Tour Road trip to the little Red School House High school girl on Tosa road trip to the tracks

The 3rd Ward Tour is a ninety minute road trip along Broadway Street amid the shops, galleries and boutiques south of East Downtown Milwaukee. Alternative sites include the Milwaukee Art Museum Grounds and Fountains or the East Town Urban Alleys.

Senior boy on 3rd ward road trip High School girl sitting on stairs in the 3rd ward Senior student by sculpture in 3rd ward road trip Black student leaning on light pole while on a road trip High School senior guy on road trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum for photo-shoot Senior girl hanging out in the 3rd ward photo road trip Black male student in pink shirt by 3rd ward sculpture Girl with long legs on 3rd ward road tripUrban Alley road trip for high school senior girl Senior boy in dark coat in urban alley photo-shoot Grunge urban alley photo-shoot with high school girlBlack student on Urban Alley road trip photo-shoot

The Parkway Tour is a one hour road trip, created along the Menomenee River Parkway running through western Wauwatosa

High School senior girl sitting by the river on a Parkway Road Trip High school boy in the woods on a Parkway Road Trip Photo-shoot Girl with straw hat in tall grass on a road trip photo-shoot Girl in halter dress leaning against a tree on the parkway High school boy standing in tall grass by river Girl in blue jean jacket standing in the woods Black girl sitting by a tree near the pond for photo-shoot High school student in polka dot sun dress on Parkway Road Trip Black girl with white pants on Parkway Road Trip Photo-shoot High school boy with blue sweater leaning on tree Girl standing in the river Girl with sunglass standing in tall grass Girl standing in Queen Anne's Lace while on Parkway Road Trip Photo-shoot

The Beach Tour is a ninety minute road trip photographed at Klode Park Beach in Whitefish Bay. Other locations are available upon request.

High School girl on a Beach Road Trip Girl on a sunny beach road trip High School senior girl spashing in the water on a beach road trip Senior portrait Beach road trip by the rocks Black student sitting on large rock on a beach road trip Girl on a hill above the beach on a road trip Girl sitting in the surf on a beach road trip Girl walking by the edge of the water on a beach road trip

The Gardens Tour is a ninety minute road trip to the Whitnall Botanical Gardens in Hales Corners or Frame Park Gardens in Waukesha.

High school senior girl 0n Whitnall Botanical Gardens Road Trip High school senior laying in flowers on Road Trip Senior girl on Frame Park Road Trip photo-shoot High school girl standing in flowers at Frame Park Waukesah

The Location Tour is a ninety minute (or longer) road trip at your home, your school, your stables or any location of your choice.

Girl doing flip on school track Girl jumping hurdle Runner standing on track

Girl sitting on floral rock garden Girl laying on a pier Boy on porch in front of lake Girls laying on bed