Sports Style

Whether you're a star at football, basketball, baseball, soccer or whatever - show off the action and memorabilia of your sports involvement and achievements.

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Wauwatosa Studio
6654 W Lisbon Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53210

Please Call - (414) 207-4028 (to schedule New Photo-Shoots)

Continue to call - (414) 445-2220 (For work in progress & re-orders of existing work)

Clothing Suggestions... Be sure to bring your entire sports outfit or uniform including shoes and any props you use - such as balls, clubs, racquets, helmets, pads, sticks, etc. We do have some sports props at the studio but may not have what is needed to cover your type of sport. Don't forget to bring any trophies, medals, ribbons, plaques, letters, numerals or any other items showing your accomplishments.

High School Senio with her medals Senior boy holding a guitar Senior girl in locker room High school football player Milwaukee Luther female athlete Soccer Club player Soccer Club player Football player student Female soccer player in a dress Student basketball athlete

The Styles below are created with our Exclusive ChromaKey Background Technology and count as 2 styles

Female pole vaulter Female Mustang Student basketball athlete Female pole vaulter Female Mustang Student basketball athlete Female Mustang Female Mustang Football player student Female Mustang Student basketball athlete