Trends Style

Today's trendy club scene sets the fashion look for the in-crowd with the hottest backgrounds to match.

Dress for the "Look"

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Wauwatosa Studio
6654 W Lisbon Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53210

Please Call - (414) 207-4028 (to schedule New Photo-Shoots)

Continue to call - (414) 445-2220 (For work in progress & re-orders of existing work)

Clothing Suggestions... Feel free to use any trendy clothing styles that define your "Look" but remember, solid colors bring the attention to your face. Sticking with all one tone - light, medium or dark - instead of mixing tones is best. Girls - high heels make your legs look longer & tighter and work great with mini-skirts. Sleeveless or spaghetti strap tops, may make your arms look heavier and bare midrifs and tight tops are great for students with six-pack abs but for others, may create problems. Guys - jackets, with or without ties, are a must when combined with either dress or casual pants.

Trendy high school senior in a balck mini-skirt Trendy dude with a large scarf Hot high school girl in red trends top High School boy in sport coat in Trends Style Girl in checkered Mini-skirt trends Black girl in short trendy dress High School boy in black with trendy outfit Trends Style girl Black student in light blue jacket Trends Style Hgih School girl in black and white striped top