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You will find many helpful tips on preparing for your High School Senior Photo-shoot this guide.

If you need extra help, feel free to call our studios and ask to speak to your personal photographer.

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Jessica Olson CREW Model of the Year on Senior Style Guide Cover Choosing the Perfect Outfits for your photoshoot

When it comes to picking out clothing for your Photo-shoot,
we suggest that you follow our 3 step plan for a balanced session.

Choose the Parent Pleaser Outfit

Include several outfits with a more Classic look that won't be outdated in just a few years. Solid medium to dark tones work best with full length sleeves and a pleasing neckline. This will give mom & dad a fine selection for hanging in the living room and for family gifts.

Girl in Classic Blue Blouse Girls in Green Prom Dress Girls in red dress with red background Girl in pink sweater Pick the Senior's Favorite outfits

These outfits should make a statement about you. They can be sporty, casual, trendy, grunge or just really fun. Be sure to select a different outfit for each photo-shoot style you choose and co-ordinate each from head to shoes.

Black & white outfits for girls Brown outfits for girls Black floral outfits Selecting your speciality gutfits for girls

These are the outfits needed for special photo-shoot styles such as Sports, School Spirit, Wet & Wild, Extreme, Imagine and My Passion. Be sure to bring any props that relate to these outfits to enhance your look. Plan for some full length poses - including footware.

Girls disc thrower Girls with bow and arrow Girls ballet dancer Perfecting your look with makeup makeup tips Get a good night's sleep the evening before your Photo-shoot. Be sure to drink lots of water to keep your face hydrated. Use a good quality foundation that has no SPF. Use a new mascara that will not clump your lashes for a softer look. Wear a simple glimmery eyeshadow. If you are feeling more dramatic, try a soft smoky eye shadow. It's all up to you, but details count!

Got blemishes? Cover any blemishes that show with concealer as best you can and we will take care of any remaining problems in retouching.

alarm clock
Plan on arriving 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. There is some paperwork we need to take care of before we can begin your photo-shoot. It is important that you are ready to be photographed at your scheduled time. We often have appointments back to back and we can not run over your reserved appointment time into another senior's time.
Mother and daughter
Bring mom (or a friend) along to your photo-shoot to help! Besides making your experience more fun, your "helper" can keep you on track by arranging your outfits, getting you ready for your next style and assisting the photographer in the camera room during your photo-shoot.
Coat Hanger
Be prepated for your photo-shoot in advance. The night before, have a complete wardrobe dress rehearsal. Put each entire outfit together, including undergarments to leg wear to Jewelry & accessories. Be sure everything is wrinkle-free and hung on separate hangers (No Duffle Bags). Make sure you coordinate each outfit from head to toe!
Bring your own props. If you have selected any Speciality Photo-shoot Styles, such as Sports, School Spirit, Wet & Wild, Extreme, Imagine or My Passion, be sure to bring the props that you will need for these pictures. We have a very limited variety available at the studio, so be sure to bring what you would like to use. Also plan for some full length poses - including footware.
Let us know what type of music you like to listen to. We will prepare a Pandora song list for you so you can hear all of your favorites throughout your photo-shoot. Just fill in the question on the Photo-shoot Style Planner and we will have this all set by the time you arrive. If you play an instrament, bring it along to use in some pictures.
Preparing your pet for the Photo-shoot. If you are planning on including your pet in your photo-shoot, a little extra preparation is needed. Dogs, cats or any animals with fur, should be bathed and brushed well the night before your appointment. Also, be sure to bring some soft treats or toys they like, to distract them and get their attention as the pictures are being made.
Get your Wheelz ready for photography. If you are planning on including your vehicle in your photo-shoot, be sure it is clean and polished. Also, use a tire cleaner on the tires to enhance the black of the rubber and make them appear new. Bring window cleaner for last minute touch-ups.
Bring some fun accessories. Any outfit can be enhanced with personal fun accessories. Bring your favorite fashion sunglasses, hats, scarfs, head bands or anything else that is all about you. We will fit your personal items in whenever possible to personalize your pictures.
The Sun is NOT your friend. Most seniors love to look tan for their photo-shoot but, be careful of sunburn and tan lines. You could end up looking lobster red instead of golden bronzed. Sun burn can not be neutralized in your pictures so avoid the urge to tan before your photo-shoot. Our advanced retouching methods will give you a healthy skin tone without the risk of burning.
Striped top
You want to look your best. This means avoiding patterns that add weight such a horizontal stripes and sleeveless tops. Darker clothing, especially pants, long sleeve clothing in soft forgiving fabrics and shoes with heels will lift and slim. Putting something light color on the part of the body you don't want to emphasize will make you look heavier. Shirts that are thin in material need to be worn slightly larger or they will show every little bump. Remember, just because it is fashionable doesn't make it right for you. Check yourself in a full length mirror when making choices.
Hairstyles are a very personal preference. Make sure your hair is exactly the way you wish it to appear in the finished photographs. Avoid bangs hanging in your eyes, they will cause unflattering shadows. Use hair spray or pins/barrettes to hold back side bangs. Have your hair and makeup done before you arrive for your photo-shoot. Waiting to do your hair or makeup during your scheduled appointment will dramatically shorten your time in front of the camera and lead to a smaller number of images that will be taken. If you are having your hair and makeup done for you, do a test run a few days before your photo-shoot to be sure you are happy with the results.

Color Splash for today's senior girls Fashion Designers agree that these are some of the hottest colors this summer. Deep pastel shades photography well, as do
simple white, black and linen. (If your complexion is dark, you should avoid white & linen shades. Darker colors will photograph best.) Color Spashes samples final word to senior girls parents We feel nobody knows your senior better than you do. We value your input during the photo-shoot. Giving you what you want is our sincere goal! Although your initial thought might be that you feel your presence may make your senior uncomfortable, we have found the opposite is true. It is really a fun experience to share with your teenager. However, if you are unable to attend the photo-shoot, we would greatly appreciate some input.

We are flexible, creative and award winning photographers, but we're not mind-readers. What might be ideal to one parent could be deemed unacceptable to another. Please take a moment to add any requests to our Photo-shoot Planner or write them down and send them with your senior to the photo-shoot. Make note of expression preferences, if you are trying to match a previous senior's portrait , or if you have specific concerns.

Thank You for Choosing Carroll Studios for Your Once in a Lifetime Portraits

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